thank you, bicol

is it insensitive na magpasalamat? is it not PC?

it’s all over the news now: bicol bore the brunt of Super Typhoon Goni (or Rolly in the Philippines) as it entered as a CAT5 typhoon. the weather bureau already warned of catastrophic damage but here in manila, all we got were smelly laundry and hungry residents without food delivery services mostly offline.

i don’t know if thanking them is the right way to show that we owe them something. they did not volunteer for this, though. but they were in the storm’s path first. and because we here in the metro are farther away, we did not feel this storm’s rage and power.

little by little, as people get their bearings and help and relief is on its way, we start to see what they had to go through via social media posts: in photos and videos.

this reminded me so much of yolanda. nothing but destruction. chaos.

that is why, i think, we have to think of ourselves as a country, a nation. we should be helping our fellow- Filipinos, us who were spared from it. we have an obligation to help them. we owe them our gratitude and respect.

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