brace for tomorrow

this is it! i’m off to the outside world!

ever since we’ve been cooped up in this quarantine, i’ve never been outside our city. the farthest i’ve gone was to the u-turn slot on kalayaan avenue going back to BGC to get groceries. i was being a responsible citizen of this country. i’d like to believe that in some ways i am a patriot and would actually like this government to succeed. and it’s painful to see that it is failing miserably.

after over three months, our economy can’t take it anymore. people can’t take it anymore. we need sustenance and the moneys we require to buy those can only be obtained through labor.

tomorrow, i’ll be going back to work to get some stuff that would help enable me to work from home more effectively. as it is, my job requires data: data that i have in my office PC.

i have to be careful, though. because i’m a winner at the COVID-19 Bingo for High Risk Individuals: Do I live with Senior Citizens? Check. Immunocompromised? Check.  Children? Check. BINGO!!!

thankfully, i work alone in the office. interaction will be minimal with the security guard. i won’t be staying the whole day either, though i have errands and a grocery run. nothing that i’ve not done before. the only extra thing is going to work tomorrow. it’s a bit exciting and scary at the same time. i guess before i leave the door, i have to constantly remind myself of ways to protect me and those i love when i get back.

here we go.


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