This used to be my playground…

I remembered a recent post describing how the Internet used to be an escape from the real world. Fast forward to the present and we have it 180 degrees turn around. The real world is an escape from all that is virtually around us. Now we’re in community quarantine in the Metro, it’s more difficult to escape.

When I used to get frustrated with work, Facebook was the escape. When Facebook gets too toxic, I went to shopping apps to browse. Now, even Lazada and Shopee have become sources of frustration, I don’t have anywhere to run.

At the start of the quarantine, I felt it was easy for me to cope with it. I realized that perhaps anticipation of Holy Week was what really grounded me then. A background reminder of things even in social media kept my sanity in check. After Easter that’s when I observed how things were getting to me easily. Add the sweltering heat and humidity and you’ve got a grumpy old me.

I get to have a break sometimes because of the quarantine pass. I became the ‘tribute’ (Pop culture ref: Hunger Games) in our household. I had some freedom to move while on errands but the fun didn’t last. It’s not fear or dread that I might catch it while I’m outside. I still try to be as cautious as I can. The novelty of it has passed and I just feel like it’s another thing waiting to generate another problem.

So now, I have no escape from everything. Doing what I used to only brings about stress and frustration. Even cooking or being surrounded by family. I tried sugar (i.e. softdrinks) as a pick-me-up and so far, in only gave me hyperacidity. So now I’m a mind-wandering wreck.

On one positive note, at least, I found a “What’s your COVID-19 name?” guide. You just have to put these two things together to get yours: 1. What you’re feeling today, right now; and 2. The last thing you ate. You know what I got?

Shitty Burrito.


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