renewing my motorbike’s registration

i’ve had such a pleasant experience at LTO 20th Avenue in the past 2 times i’ve been there, i thought it would be a breeze once again to renew my bike’s registration. oh was i in for a surprise.

last time, i was there for car registration around 830AM. i whizzed through the process and by 9 or 930 AM, i was out of the gates! not today.

i arrived just after 730AM and the lot was full. i wasn’t as prepared as i was with our car registration so i had to get the CTPL Insurance at the vicinity of LTO. next i had the emission test done (pretty standard) and off to the inspection and payment. the time-waster was really the queue for the emissions test and getting the CTPL insurance. had I been more prepared, I think I wouldn’t have spent an hour in there.

another thing to note, though, is that those phone holders on motorcycles, according to the inspector, were illegal and had to be removed. this is in-line with the Anti-Distracted Driving Law… DAW. i wondered then why are cars equipped with built-in car navigation? isn’t that distracting? LTO’s FAQs mention that navigation apps are allowed. How, then, can a motorcycle see their navigation apps if these accessories aren’t allowed? *sigh*


though it wasn’t confiscated, i had to remove it to ‘pass the inspection’. *smh* i’ll be putting it back on later.

so here’s the total breakdown of what i spent:

CTPL Insurance :   700.00
Emissions Test :     420.00
Registration :          545.00 (includes 100.00 for change of venue)
TOTAL           PHP 1,665.00

what time did i finish? 945AM. wow. i don’t want to experience that again. next time, hopefully, my license plate would have been issued and getting a CTPL insurance would be easier and cheaper!


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