I felt happier off Facebook

I always thought it was just because I missed my family in Pampanga that I always looked forward to our mini vacation during the Christmas break. Maybe, I thought, it was nostalgia or just being around familiar sights and people I grew up with. A few nights ago, I may have found a viable hypothesis: it was because I was off the grid for some time and didn’t browse my timeline!

You see, as I browsed through my feed, I kept on seeing friends’ posts where they are, where they have been (sort of a ‘year/decade bin review’), how they celebrated New Year’s Eve, etc. The more I saw, the more I felt as if our celebration wasn’t good enough… Our food, our clothes, our greetings… But before browsing, I didn’t feel any of that! I was simply happy in the company of family and all that I loved. It didn’t matter to me how we looked or how cheap our food was. I was happy in that moment in that place!

Magpatuloy magbasa I felt happier off Facebook