He’s getting better, right?

Day 2 and I feel like I’ve been on a rollercoaster the entire day. Actually, it started last night nung nag video call ate ko. Our little one just lit up when he saw them and for a moment, it seemed he forgot all about his feve; or it could just be his paracetamol kicking in.

This morning was good coz he ate sopas, egg pie, and Fita. And then some more egg pie, oatmeal, and milk. While having his afternoon nap, A and myself finally could take a break…or so we thought. High fever came back and the stressful medicine feeding ritual commenced once again. It’s a battle between wanting to soothe him versus force feeding paracetamol because he just refuses to take any medicine.

Now, it seems all is fine but I’m anxiously waiting for the next hour because the fever might come back… And we’ll go back to that ritual once again, not to mention the doubt if you’re doing things right, second guessing every decision, no one assuring you everything will be ok.

My consolation right now is that he finally stood up and walked around… A sign that he’s recovering, right? Right? *sigh* πŸ˜”

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