Lord, time out muna!

As i write this from my cellphone with my right hand, my other hand is soothing a sick little tyke with a fever since this morning. It just started not even 6 hours earlier today. And almost 3 weeks ago, he had cough and fever too. My worry wort mind won’t let my tired sleepy eyes rest. As soon as I lie down and shut them, my ears pickup the slightest rustling of the bed and blanket so I get up and check on him.

It’s always like this. Even when I’m away at work, my mind is far off worrying about my son especially when he’s sick.

We had a trip planned today. Three if you count those about my (not so) recent hobby. It was a break I was looking forward to. Some personal/me time… But life is never as you planned it to be. It’s never straight.

Minsan naiisip ko, ito na yata talaga ang misyon ko sa buhay. Obese, yes. Hypertensive, yes. Maybe it serves a purpose — fat reserved for energy watching over my family. 😅

Pero malakas man tayo sa pangangatawan, minsan ang kslooban ay nanghihina din. So now I’m asking, Lord, break muna. I just want to gather myself and pickup the pieces just so I know what to do and where I should be.

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