grant me temperance

we’ve recently started a novena at work and aside from institutional requests, there is also a time for personal intercessions. i’m for the ‘generic requests’ often times because, well, i’ve never really thought about it. i would ask for good health, more money, and world peace. 😛

in the past few weeks, i’ve been dealing with personal demons and have come to the conclusion that i’ve been addicted to pleasure for the longest time. that’s why i eat a lot. that’s why i’m often buying stuff. that’s why i like fast internet *wink, wink*. these temporary pleasures are the things i use to drown out my unhappiness. in food, we call this ’emotional eating’ — we eat our sorrows away. and it’s such a vicious cycle that i do feel that it is an addiction and at a certain level, a demonic possession.

that is why in our novena, i’ve been asking for the grace of temperance and self-discipline — to be more aware of myself, catching how i feel and deal with it rather than drowning it in these temporary things.

i recall Bishop Robert Barron talking about the beatitudes at Google — and that pleasure are ‘symptoms’ for our search for perfect happiness or ‘beatitudo’ according to Aquinas. we worship pleasure. but we have to reorient ourselves to God. and so, i ask for temperance to reorient myself to Him.

and hopefully, it overflows to bring order to my life.

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