♫ move aside make way, for Fireman Sam ♪

who knew i’d be this obsessed with a kid’s show? haha!

been an iflix subscriber for a long time now. (2 years maybe?) it launched in the Philippines maybe a year ahead of Netflix. they have some of the TV series that i watch and they have a ‘for Kids’ section that keeps our little one entertained. eh dahil nakakasawa na ang puro Blue’s Clues lang, nagtingin ako ng ibang pwedeng panoorin.

chanced upon this firefighter cartoon and played it on the TV. each episode is quite short, about 10 minutes each. “ok to. madaling i-end yung panonood pag tapos na ang isang episode.” wasn’t really impressed with the 3D animation. it looked like it was made with packaged software and put together by a college student — it was good enough but wasn’t as polished as say Pixar’s. even the short films!

apparently, it’s an old stop animation from the UK, like Thomas and Friends, and Postman Pat, that got 3D rendering updates. 😀 (check the old one out here.)

after 5 episodes, the little tyke is fast asleep on the mat and i find myself clicking on the next one, and the next one, and the next one! i was hooked!

i don’t think it was really the cartoons, but rather the safety mindset that i was attracted to. i am sort of a prepper after all. it was interesting, too, that they had an actual firefighter consultant who is mentioned in the credits, giving credibility or truth to what was being taught by the cartoon. some were simple and practical that could be done by you and me while others (like search and rescue) were more for the professionals.

i’m now on season 9. i started on season 7 with 24 episodes each season. you think i should go get professional help? 😛

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