not so fast: thoughts on the ‘quo warranto’ SC decision vs. CJ Sereno.

just a few hours ago, by a vote of 8-6, the quo warranto petition was deemed valid by 8 of the SC justices. a lot of people lamented this result. former CJ Davide even said it was practically ‘suicide’ should the decision be against CJ Sereno.

though i have my personal biases, i wanted to consider the decision without reading it in full, and i guess analyze the implications and effects.

1. i’m not in favor of this because it seems the CJ is targeted not genuinely because of her lack of SALNs -> lack of integrity. to me, they just want the CJ out.

2. i really think Sereno did not submit her SALNs. that was her mistake and i partially blame her for it.

3. JBC should have disqualified Sereno from the beginning if she didn’t file the necessary requirements. HOWEVER, JBC and CA were willing to overlook the lack of SALNs and approve her nomination? if we’re going after Sereno, we should go after those who conspired to put her in power, too!

4. was the ‘quo warranto’ a proper way of deposing a CJ? majority think it is… so we have to live with this jurisprudence.

5. it’s going to be ‘hunting season’ soon.

6. nagkaka-personalan even in the oral arguments. which taints this decision very much… like the plagiarism case of the SC. Justice Del Castillo voted against quo warranto petition. he was a plagiarizing scumbag in 2010 and a hero in 2018.

7. in 2010, the SC ‘protected’ the institution. in 2018, do they still think they’re doing the same thing? ousting the chief?

8. SALNs are important if you’re in government. take SALNs seriously.

9. there are two reactions battling inside me to CJ Sereno’s calm after the decision: a.) she welcomed the decision of the SC because it is a collegial body, majority wins, she still has faith in the system, filing an appeal; b.) she thinks she made a mistake with her SALNs which meted consequences but did not expect the quo warranto to be used to oust her.

10. who’s next on the DDS list? the VP? God help us all…

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