date and dine? why not!

this weekend, i was a secondary sponsor (yes, at my age! di pa ako pang-ninong! LOL) to an officemate’s wedding. since the ceremony will be at 8:30 AM, and being part of entourage, we had an earlier calltime than regular guests for the photo-ops. (been there, done that πŸ˜‰ )

the couple actually offered us accommodations but i declined. una, dahil nahiya naman ako dahil gagastusan pa nila kami and, pangalawa, naisip ko kaya naman yun ng early morning drive tutal against traffic naman kami in the morning when people are headed for the city.

A thought it would be better to be in the vicinity na lang to avoid rushing and any freak accident that could cause traffic on C5 that morning. siya naghanap sa online and found Date and Dine Residences Antipolo.

The resort is inside a private subdivision so before you can make 1-2-3 on your payments, natimbrehan na yung security sa gate. πŸ˜€ Waze was the perfect guide to locating the subdivision’s gate. it’s at the top of an inclined part of the road so pag-ahon mo, medyo bubulaga siya sa right side mo. The main road of Beverly Hills Subdivision are better maintained compared to those leading to the resort (hope the homeowners do something about it) pero di naman sobrang lubak. it’s asphalted but kinda rough. or maybe good indicator lang siya na malapit ka na sa destination mo. haha!

if you read the website, it has a specific clientele in mind:

NOISE LIMIT ………………11: 00 pm only
RESORT CLOSE AT 12 midnight

it’s not meant for barkada outings. it’s not meant for (big) family bonding. it’s for people who want to rest and get away from the noise of modern living. it’s for people looking for some ‘me-time’. it’s for honeymooners or couples to spend time together.

of course, we had our little one with us and i was always alert around him because there were lots of fragile items in the resort. there’s an adult-size pool in the middle screaming “DROWNING HAZARD FOR KIDS!” and having a curious 2-year-old, he wanted to touch everything!. also, being on the mountainside, there were lots of stair climbing involved… and to a parent with a toddler, that screams “DEATH BY FALLING ON THE STAIRS”.

no, i’m not scaring parents with kids. i just want to make sure they are aware of what they’re getting into — that is if you bring a child or toddler, you have to always be on your toes and watch over them… or have a yaya watch over them (wala kasi kami nun!).

the free breakfast was uneventful (we had pinoy breakfast and English breakfast. ang pinag-iba lang eh kanin vs. stirfried veggies). but we ordered beef kaldereta once for dinner and spaghetti and they were both satiating and satisfying. the next day, we had spaghetti (again because A liked it so much) and pesto. the pesto wasn’t as great as the spaghetti though.

the room (Indian) was one of the cheapest rooms but it was very clean and sheets smelled like fabcon, but not the ones that hurt your nostrils. may cabinets for your stuff but no safe. and the hinges creaked a lot! madaling maka-istorbo ng natutulog na. (WD-40 would easily fix this) Wi-Fi, LED TV and cable (Cignal) are available although nawalan ng signal once because the rain caused the tree branch to droop and block the satellite dish. i had to go down para hawiin siya and the naging OK na yung cable. πŸ˜€

you can also freely occupy the common areas (veranda, reading nook, office desk). They give you a pitcher of water that you can refill from the water dispenser in the common area. you had a view of the busy metro manila buildings from our room… which sort of gave me a little insight of how ‘tiny’ all my problems were in that small pocket of concrete jungle compared to the wonderful relaxed beauty of where i was. πŸ™‚ (naks!)

the bathroom was simple and had a water heater on the shower. kaso yung sabon nila, sing-nipis ng tissue paper. haha! so bring your own soap. didn’t use the shampoo and toothpaste coz we brought our own naman. they had one regular cotton towel and one microfiber towel which is a plus for me. wala lang hand towel.

pero what really made the stay great were the staff. they are extremely courteous and accommodating. i noticed that they were all women who served us… even carried our bags to our room! pang amazona ang lakas kahit petite! πŸ˜› and they were really fond of the little guy. siguro natuwa lang din sila since all the other guests we saw were pinoy couples or a group of foreigners — no kids. oddball requests (like getting our breakfast earlier than scheduled for take out) was a cinch to them. and they were always all smiles… pero naisip ko dahil talaga kay Basti yun. haha!

would i recommend it? definitely! would i go back? certainly! although i would change some things… like bringing Basti with us. iiwan na lang dapat muna siya sa bahay. para pagbalik namin sa maynila, baka maging “Kuya Basti” na siya. LOL!

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