discovered Moana a bit late, but I’m hooked! So is my son!


Juice Colored, sa tanda kong ito, nakikinig pa ako sa YouTube ng mga kanta ng Moana! Ewan ko kelan ako magsasawa… and mukhang nahawa lang ako sa anak ko. heheh…

Just watched Moana yesterday and last night again, to get my son to sit still. We were at the part where Moana discovers (semi-SPOILER ALERT!) her voyager heritage and this song, “We Know The Way” starts playing and he’d start singing along. We kinda had it on repeat for some time and I found myself singing to it in the shower! Haha…

Tapos, there were things about navigating using stars. I’m a sort of amateur astronomer too so I was curious if the sky and the stars were actual stars or constellations. A little google and I found this article from the Conversation. Ang galing lang at nakakatuwa! 🙂 Maui’s fish hook in the movie is actually Scorpio! Cool!!!

I wondered if our local balangay knew the same thing. I bet they did. I wonder how they were if and when balangays met the polynesian voyagers at sea! amazeballs…

Kung gusto niyo  ma-LSS, play niyo yung nasa baba. Di ko gaano feel yung sa bida although catchy pa din yung “You’re Welcome!” ni ‘The Rock’. LOL! and that trippy song “Shiny” nung crab! hehe

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