lifehack: set quarterly goals instead of new year’s resolution

i think i read this somewhere sa facebook. na imbes na #balikalindog2017 ang gawin, dapat #3PoundsIn3Months na lang. it makes the target more concrete and more doable.

kaya ngayon, feeling ko kailangan ko ng konting ‘retreat’ para makapag-reflect at isip kung ano ba ang mga targets ko this year.

as i type this, meron akong naalalang video ni Bud Brown, taking on a 30-day challenge to learn a new language. (i think he knows 10 languages!) he’s trying to learn Mandarin. ako naman, i want to learn Morse Code. i learned a few letters from Ham Whisperer but hardly made progress when it came to Lesson 3. 😦 and i’m sad and put it off for some time. maybe if i focus on it, i’d be better.

anyway, that’s one. perhaps. but i’m not sure. di lang naman kasi personal goal lang naisip kong target-in. pati na din siguro sa trabaho… i’m getting the “why am i still doing this?” vibe again and i don’t like that. kaya kailangang mag-isip ng pakulo. πŸ˜€

weight goals? hmmm… parang ayoko na. though i’m getting tired more easily day by day. kailangan na talaga maging mas active. hmmm… what activity could i do? and when should i do it? suggestions?

actually, these past few days, i’ve been getting bad feelings whenever i eat too much. maybe it’s my body’s way of saying, “hep, tama na. i mean it!” my tastebuds have become pickier with food, wanting more bland stuff. not because i’m trying to be healthy. it really is just something my mind is telling me and my tastebuds and tummy are sending to my brain. weird no?

although i must say na ramen will always be <3. πŸ˜€

and maybe this year, or in the next few months, specially during lent/ holy week, make it extra meaningful. a short retreat would be nice. a good scrubbing from confession even better.

finally, i think i should write down all the little projects i have in my brain: for the blog, for my youtube channel, for work, for the church, for the house… and maybe spread them out the entire year. para di ako mag-panic or ma-overwhelm masyado. at walang makalimutan.

do you have new year’s resolutions? e quarterly goals? share naman diyan!!! πŸ˜€


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