traveling is <3

no wonder mga galing ng developed countries eh nahilig mag-backpacking trips. you get to see the world and learn from it — the people, the culture, the good and bad.

sa local travel, medyo ok-ok pa tayo lahat eh. it’s like going to a family member’s home. bibisita lang. same pa din (halos) yung ugali so adjustment isn’t really a thing much. except for language siguro. pero mostly, you’ve got living and communicating down pat. iba pag sa ibang bansa.

my first trip outside of the country was to India. and it was a solo trip. exciting and scary at the same time. pero it kinda set the tone for my traveling experiences which is generally well and good. there are instances na maba-badtrip ka sa kapwa mo pa pinoy pero brushing it aside and focusing on the adventure that lies ahead, mapapangiti ka talaga.

the next trip was a barkada trip to Malaysia and Singapore. yun ang adventure talaga. may plus and negative sides ang traveling in a group pero it’s generally more fun. you get to share experiences and when you meet each other, you have that shared memory that you can talk about when you’re all old and grey. 🙂

yung sumunod, another ‘business’ trip. more of study actually because like my first trip, it was for work. lumevel up na nga lang ang lolo niyo: Europe ang destination ko! and it was truly something else. ever since, i’ve been bitten by the bug and wish to see it again as often as i can. and it only emphasized how much Manila could have been such a great city if we appreciate history as well as Europeans do, and plan our cities like they do.

finally, my last out-of-the-country trip was the funnest yet: family bonding in Hong Kong. there, we met-up with my niece and her family and became our unofficial tour guides and travel coordinators, LOL! the highlight, of course, was going to Disneyland. just walking the street with music you’re oh so familiar with brings a wide smile to anybody’s face. i just felt like a little kid again! nevermind the long lines. i was in “The Happiest Place on Earth” and i was really REALLY having a blast and that’s all that mattered! 🙂

kung di mo lang talaga iniisip ang gastos, masayang i-explore ang mundo natin. it feeds your eyes and your soul. it creates that feeling that you’re connected to these other people you don’t know. and the thing is, when they share their country with you, you share your own with them.


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