“the takers may eat better, but the givers sleep better”

i don’t know. this just resonated with me. (i hear that a lot. i just wanted to use it here. heheh)

seriously though, it tells me that in different aspects of life, i can be either a taker or a giver. inasmuch as being a giver sounds so noble, a taker has its place too in the grand scheme of things. perhaps the contrast is emphasized when the taker is a selfish one. on the other hand, a grateful and appreciative taker complements a generous giver. for a giver cannot give if the other does not take it.

but if we focus on what this particular quote wants to convey, then yes, i can agree totally with it. and relate to it completely. i may lose sleep from other things (such as worry, anxiety, depression?) but for the lack of giving? perhaps not.


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