puro ka na lang reklamo

I’ve read somewhere today this thing:

“Repeated complaining rewires your brain to make future complaining more likely. Over time, you find it’s easier to be negative than to be positive, regardless of what’s happening around you. Complaining becomes your default behavior, which changes how people perceive you.”

which i realized was just one of my phases these past months. all my posts seemed so gloomy. of course, it did reflect how i was feeling those days, being surrounded by complaints. however, i always forget that it is not just a choice to ignore or not be affected by all the negativity. if you accept them and offer them up, they become more bearable. and once you offer them up, you begin to see slivers of light, and then smile a little.

THEN it becomes your responsibility to pursue that light. even if the complaints are never ending. when everyone is so negative, you can be that positive force for everyone. draining? yes, of course it is. tiring? definitely. but when i think about it in another perspective, i feel somewhat happier — they choose to tell you things instead of telling another person. you are the “lucky” one. 😛

so, despite the rains, i manage to smile. even if everything’s leaking in the house, i still find reason to be thankful. even if i hear complaints all the time, i still listen as attentively as i could. why? because i was chosen to be the “lucky, special” person someone complains to.


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