my PARA HERO blunder on #MMshakedrill

that was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. right up there with getting half-naked on-stage in gradeschool for a song-interpretation contest. (ok, i think that’s TMI.) hahaha

so today, the #MMShakeDrill happened. people from work participated and i was one of the Evacuation Guides during the drill. as an amateur radio operator as well, i was participating in PARA’s Ham Emergency Radio Operations (HERO). i’m used to the evening net calls of amateur radio clubs such as PUP, EVM, and ARMI. but this was the first time i was getting into PARA and i wasn’t prepared. it’s exhilarating and really way fast-paced compared to evening net calls. and in my panic, i blurted QRZ (i.e. who is calling?) instead of QSL (i acknowledge). gah! and anyone on the frequency heard that! how embarrassing!


also, i forgot to keep a logbook. i was too busy doing too much stuff — split between participating in the earthquake drill activities at work and in my hobby. *sigh*

well, this being my first time, i guess i should cut myself some slack. i almost never get to practice my hobby anyway. just net calls, no QSOs. pati ba naman sa radyo, socially awkward pa din ako? hay naku…

i hope i learn from this. and next shake drill or in the event of an actual emergency, i’ll be better prepared. it’s better to know your mistakes now that it’s just a drill than have to fumble when the “big one” actually happens.



what does an “emergency radio operation” sound like? here’s what i recorded!

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