a refreshing perspective

in the past 2 afternoons, i had the time to take relaxing walks. i got to stare at stuff blankly — and just appreciate them for how they look. mababaw lang naman pero parang nagpapaka-“deep” na naman ako i guess.

after buying lunch, i looked up at the trees and saw how differently “textured” they are in the office. spiky, fluffy, and colorfully noisy. i wish i had my camera with me just to let you see what i’m talking about.

then this afternoon as i was going to get a snack, i looked at the flyover along katipunan avenue above the aurora intersection and saw the repeating pattern of lampposts and thought how great it would be in a picture. walking further, the image of jeepneys parked under the flyover was another ‘kodak moment’. i wish i had brought even my phone for those kinds of stuff. sayang.

returning to the office after my merienda, i was walking behind a dad holding his daughter’s hand as they walked along the pergola of ateneo grade school. the dad pulled a stroller on the other hand while the little girl had a gigantic pink backpack.

and in all those moments, i was smiling. yes, i wished i had a camera to capture them. but it was enough for me to see them, realize how great those moments were, and now are in my head, making me smile today.

i could blog about how sick i feel today, or how taking care of my son, who i probably shared the virus with now, is such a bummer because i haven’t recovered from sleep yet. look what i thought of blogging today! i guess i need to thank Mar once again for this. and Apocalypse. 😛 HAHAHAHA!

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