when illness is no excuse to stop loving

minsan, sumusuko din ang katawang-lupa dahil sa abusong nakukuha nito. madalas, ang kailangan lang naman ay pahinga, pagkain, at sapat na oras ng tulog. care comes second (or fourth? :P).

living independently for the longest time has made me sort of self-reliant, specially in college. but when i get sick and personal remedies don’t seem to work, i looked forward to the weekend where i get to go home and drop everything and just be a sick patient.

like all that transpire in this world, some good things must come to an end — when others’ priorities come second to yours, when “curing” your flu by getting rest is relegated to the back burner and letting your child have his fun playing with you is front and center, when completing your work hours comes second to giving your wife her time to sleep and recover from her own illnesses.

it’s washing the dishes despite the wounds on your hands. it’s cooking your week’s worth of lunch and dinner even when you’re dead tired from frustration racking your brain for a solution to your problem you can’t seem to fix.

and i need reminding of that today. that love isn’t just that feeling you had when you first met. it’s not just that thing you do in bed. it’s everywhere and you should see it outside of yourself.