if i had no control whatsoever with my online posting, if my censorship meter had gone inversely with my frustration meter’s reaction, i would be posting about Duterte everyday. it’ll be a mix but last weekend, it was different. it’s not about his cabinet members or his foul mouth. it’s about the ‘hypocrisy in the Church’.

and i think i’ve grown tired of giving him a chance.

at the end of the election, when he asked for “healing” to “begin”, i was impressed. i thought it was a magnanimous gesture so as to gather all those who are able to contribute to build the nation. when he sobbed on his mother’s grave, i, too, felt his burden. and who do we turn to often during those times? our mothers.

but then he began naming his cabinet secretaries. he began his comments on population control. and recently he began his hate speech toward the Catholic Church.

how does one call for healing and cite those who campaigned against him for being malicious? hay…

no, this is not to defend those whom he mentioned: bishops and priests with wives/mistresses and children. those in the Church who live in excess. those i am able to agree with. they really do need to be named and shamed, in my opinion. but to say that the “most hypocritical institution today” is the Catholic Church, that is something I cannot agree to.

if Mr. Duterte is looking for the perfect Church where there are no faults, he better look far from the Catholics. but he must remember why the Church exists: it is a hospital for the sick, a school for those who wish to learn. it is far from perfect but it doesn’t mean it’s not trying to be.