reading KonMari

i’m amazed how much i don’t know and yet they’ve been staring me in the face the whole time. it took a book to make me realize them!

kasi, i’ve been reading “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying-Up” or more popularly known as the “KonMari Method” book. into the first few pages and i just wanted to quote lines and post them as FB statuses! (or is it “statii”?)

unfortunately, too, is that i’m one of those “busy people” who seem to never have time to get things done. and i will admit, i at times feel so swamped that i just pretend like everything’s OK and ignore the mess i have.

i’m a hoarder. and i hate it. my mom always scolded my grandmother for keeping old clothes and junk in her closet but she does the same thing now. and i think i’m like them now. i find it hard to let go of stuff because of sentimental value. i keep a hanky coz someone gave it to me even if it’s thinner than tissue paper twice reused. i proudly wear a shirt that’s got large armpit holes large enough for a twin. i still wear my repaired and re-repaired slippers even if i just bought a new pair.

but we all start somewhere. and i should make time for this mission to tidy-up the house. it can’t be miraculously done in a day i’m certain. but it will be done.

… after i read the entire book. 😛

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