sa totoo lang

fresh from that “rape comment” controversy, people still want Duterte as president.

and as much as i hate it, i can understand why.

Duterte has turned himself into somewhat of a legend when crime and drugs are involved. and his “kanto-boy” manners make him so relate-able. there is little refinement in him. why should he care if he gets the job done? why should anyone care?

i’m saddened that it has come to this. from great statesmen like Salvador Laurel, Jovito Salonga, and Raul Mitra, we needed to go two steps back because we lack discipline.

who do i blame? the government? our educational system? poverty? politicians?

i mean, andun na tayo eh. nakapag-produce na tayo ng “Renaissance Man” at the end of the 19th century. though corruption still existed, nationalism was still paramount. nationhood was what bound us, whatever political party you belonged to. statesmen cared for the State!

ngayon, it’s every man for himself. “saan ako mas maraming makukurakot?” we’ve been overrun by politicians, not statesmen. all they want is wealth and power. they’re the “role models” we looked-up to. “yayaman ka sa gobyerno. malaki ang kickback sa projects.”

every man form himself. kaya walang disiplina. walang malasakit. wala na ang bayanihan. values become a luxury when you’re hungry.

dahil sawa na sa ganitong klase ng pamumuno, lumilitaw na mas gusto na nila ang marahas na pamamahala para lang maayos ang gobyerno. values come second.

which is saddening and aggravating at the same time. nakakalungkot na nakaka-inis.

hindi ako boboto dahil hindi ako naka-rehistro. nanghihinayang ako na ang gusto kong iboto, hindi na tumakbo sa pagkapangulo.

kailangan ba talaga humantong sa ganito?

i may never get my answer until May 9. God bless our country.


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