bawling in the office

yep, i’m at it again. sniffling because of facebook.

just saw pictures from Courageous Caitie‘s facebook page and here i go again.

ever since i became a parent to a preemie, i think and feel like i can relate to every parent whose kid is inside a hospital. there’s this invisible string that automatically attaches your heart to theirs which has the same fears and hopes. your prayers are their prayers.

“Lord, ako na lang. Mas kaya ko. Huwag na lang yung anak ko.”

it’s a roller coaster ride but with no assurance of a safe stop at the end. you could end up just being thrown off your seat, flying into certain pain and agony.

and if you survive, you never get to get off of the roller coaster. every day becomes another ride — you don’t know at the end of the day if everything will turn out to be OK.

but as for Caitie, she was called home already. no more roller coaster. she’s safe and sound, home-bound. but for Caitie’s parents, the roller coaster hit a wall. a big solid concrete wall. it’s the same wall that i’m afraid of.

Please pray for Caitie. and support her parents. we may not know each other but i am sincerely praying for them.

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