too real too soon

i can’t believe how fast the Universe is reacting to what i’ve just been experiencing.

This is just me. I’m just about to give up, really. That cry of frustration you hear from that kid? i think i just made that sound this morning after talking to my boss. the video might be funny to some but to someone seeing how everything seems to fall apart everywhere, it’s like an affirmation of the eventual failure.

when everything bad happens, everything just crumbles. and your eyes begin to swell up with water, your nose feels like it’s getting bigger and your arms just weigh like 2 sacks of rice and you just want your tears to wash all the problems away.

but they won’t. they’ll still be there tomorrow. and probably you’ll just stop caring.

i think i’m in that phase. whatever happens, it’ll just have to happen. just so you can get over it and move on.


4 na mga thought (isipan) sa “too real too soon”

  1. Naku, believe me relate na relate ako sayo. We might be in different situations but I reached a point that all I did was pray (never been so prayerful that much in my life haha) and even confessed to a priest about ‘those’ struggles. Nothing is impossible with God. All is well now.

    1. Your words are a great comfort, Jo. Thank you. I will continue to pray and hope for better days ahead. And I think I really do need to go to confession. It’s been over 2 years since my last one! I’m pretty overdue.

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