thoughts in the shower: where’s God?

eversince i’ve learned how to answer basic objections by other Christians regarding Catholicism, i found myself more and more convinced Catholics are right. and then when i discovered Fr. Robert Barron, i’ve been even more convinced Catholics have such great and deep philosophical roots that it must be true. intellectually, then, i’m pretty satisfied of how Catholicism answers them.

but whenever i see posts on facebook by religious friends, how they praise and glorify God, how they can talk spontaneously about their faith and share how God touched them as if they encountered Him directly. i often dismissed them as ‘too showy’ or ‘shallow’ because i had a deeper understanding and knowledge of who God really is in Christianity because where else can you encounter Jesus more personally than in the Eucharist!? (they were mostly Protestants)

but even if I KNOW who and what I receive, i don’t have that profound experience which i sense from their facebook posts. I know God is everywhere, but I don’t feel Him everywhere. I could read the Bible over and over again from mass readings, draw explanations and inspiration, i can’t seem to feel anything.

am i too preoccupied with other things? is it just about priorities? or am i not actually, truly convinced of God? or am i just thinking that i’m a pretentious Catholic because of the deep dark sins i have?

i used to listen to the radio when i took a bath before going to work. then we finally had internet and now i “watch” youtube while i take a bath. i leave the TV with youtube videos playing and i listen inside the bathroom. i was listening to this and had similar questions. i just hope i found my answers like Leighton did.


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