is same-sex marriage just about sex?

Family Threat

i hear this often, casting a negative perception about people like myself who are opposed to same-sex marriage. they ask, “do you think gay marriage is just about 2 guys or 2 girls having sex? shouldn’t it be about love and commitment?”

my own Catholic understanding is this: marriage, by its very nature, necessitates consummation, such that the union becomes fruitful. that’s why we say “No” to sex outside of marriage — heterosexual or homosexual.

if marriage is about love and commitment [without sex], i would marry my friends and my parents. if marriage is just about sex [without love or commitment], well… that’s what the ‘hookup culture’ is. one-night stands. sex parties.

truth is, marriage is about both: sex and love. because marriage is meant to be unitive and fruitful. outside of marriage, both are meaningless.

how about infertile and impotent people? how come they can get married even if they can’t be fruitful?

Answer: here.

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