finally caught it.

yep, sneezing again. i was thinking when i would catch the cold, with all the sleepless nights i’ve had. actually, i was a bit surprised i didn’t catch it earlier. but i guess that last night when i had coffee at 6, still up at 1 and then early to rise at 430 just did it. all defenses were down. and now, it finally got to me.

just when i had something important handed to me (the first time i’ve seen a document with the big “CONFIDENTIAL” word written on it and they mean it.), i had to have this cold. great timing!

and the funny thing is i had just started listening to Stuff You Should Know’s Operation Mincemeat podcast. na-excite ako. hahaha! i think i’m just beginning to become interested in war history. hala hala! heto na naman ako and my obsessions. 😛

curious? here’s BBC’s documentary:

are you curious now as i am?


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