just give

it’s always been hammered into my young head that giving is better than receiving. and i believed — truly believed — it to be true. but when i started to feel i didn’t have enough money, i began to change. i started to gift myself things. rewards. they weren’t big rewards: a small ice cream cone, a cup of starbucks coffee, a nice new ballpen (even when i had plenty), a new toy/gadget. soon, i just focused on getting myself the stuff i wanted… i was enjoying shopping for myself too much. and soon, i felt nothing was enough. now i realize it, it seems so hard to get out of this rut. but i know i can do it. why? because i felt genuinely happy whenever i bought things for others before i became this selfish hoarder of random stuff. and i have a good feeling that i can get back to it.

this 2016, i’m hoping that i can give more to others — because i want to love others more.

giving is love. charity is love. sacrifice is love.

and as the Good Book says, “only 3 things remain: faith, hope, and love. and the greatest of these is love.”


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