Mother’s Milk by Traditional Medicinals from

even before i became a dad, i’ve always believed in breastfeeding. (the baby, not the dad. #PervAlert!) i believe that it’s one of God’s most genius designs of nature, and one that cannot, unfortunately, be shared by a father with his child. nevertheless, i could still be a good supportive husband can’t I?

so when the breast pump’s valves got damaged, A noticed a decline in milk production. we immediately ordered replacement valves from and it just cost 500. sayang naman ang shipping kung yun lang. i thought i’d add some other stuff that could help bring the milk supply back up. mahal ang formula milk no!

good thing had these organic Mother’s Milk tea to help lactating mothers. A’s been seeing good feedback from Breast Feeding Pinays facebook and thought we’d give them a try. i bought two boxes, one for the office and one for the house. each box contains 16 tea bags.

of course, i can’t review this product directly. though i could comment on the taste once we open them. 😀

ordering was a breeze, paying via PayPal. delivery was really prompt and hassle free. they had the option to leave special instructions so i told them to leave the items with our guard on-duty (something i wish other online shopping sites could do instead of having me rush to the office to receive the items in person. a bit of hassle. secure but a hassle.) and they did. that was pretty convenient.

thank you!


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