Review: Easy Soft by World Balance

Product reviews are common. So most of the time, before I buy a product, I do an extensive Google search for reviews. unfortunately, when i searched for Easy Soft shoes, Google wasn’t that helpful. i got the impression that reviews were more-or-less sponsored but i could be wrong. perhaps just a couple were genuine, real-life reviews of the product. so i’m throwing in my own review to help those undecided.

since owning the sandals/shoes from Sandugo, they’ve been my everyday all-day shoes. i’ve been wearing them like anything because they were light, comfy, and they looked good. and they were a joy to drive with. when they were showing signs of aging, i just drove with them and wore different shoes in the office. now, the soles have been so worn down i HAD to buy a new pair but all Sandugo stores i went to didn’t have them anymore! i know there are similar-looking options but they were too expensive for me. (ahem, Sanuk, ahem)


what i found online from a facebook friend’s post was Easy Soft. and since online reviews weren’t much help, i decided i’d jump right in and take the plunge. besides, they were just Php 350.00! Yes. 3. 5. 0. Three hundred freakin’ fifty pesos! And these are adult shoes!

from past purchase experiences, P350-shoes are not a good thing. the leather easily gets brittle and cracks while the sole “smiles” after walking them out the front door. but these aren’t your regular shoes. actually, i’m leaning towards calling them low-cut rubber boots since they’re practically made from the same material and probably made the same way. World Balance calls it Vicrotech. pinasoshal. πŸ˜›


granted it could be a rubber-synthetic blend, they were able to make Easy Soft look like shoes and not boots. they’ve even got faux stitching like the Vios’ interior and some Samsung phones! they’re made to be flexible, durable, and most of all, waterproof! you can probably wade in 1.5 to 2-inch deep water and keep your feet dry. it’s perfect for the rainy days. and one feature i liked with my Nevada Easy Soft shoes is the curve at the heel part which makes it ideal for rolling your feet on the car floor when driving. though the soccer-shoe-like spikes make it a bit difficult to “feel” the gas pedal, they provide nice grip.

there are other downsides, though. they are heavy. and since they are made from bota-like material, you get sweaty feet so you need thick socks. and because of the same reason, they don’t eventually conform to your feet’s shape. or maybe they do… after years of wearing them. so far, in nearly 2 months of wearing them, my feet still feel constricted but not as much as when they were brand spanking new. so perhaps they adjust but do so minimally.

one cool trick i learned from reading the Easy Soft facebook page is that since they aren’t leather shoes, you can’t wax them like your regular office shoes. what do you use to polish them? Tire Black — the same thing you put on your car is now usable on your shoes! LOL


what do i think of them after having tested Easy Soft shoes? at least try a pair. they won’t be perfect for all-day everyday wear but when it starts to rain, and puddles are all around, you’ll be glad you have them. i try to work around the shortcomings of the shoes. i ordinarily use them when commuting and/or walking around the office. but when i sit in front of my computer on my desk, i just wear a different pair that are more breathable… a.k.a. my favorite Sandugo sandals/shoes. πŸ™‚

Do you want to try EasySoft shoes? Do you have a pair? What’s your feedback? Lemme know in the comments.

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