Day Trip to Baguio City!

Work required me to go to check our old site in Baguio. So I thought it was a good time to start vlogging.

Ang hirap pala! Nakaka-conscious! parang feelingera lang talaga yung dating when you record yourself on video. i tried being discrete pero di pala puwede kapag vlogging. And then, editing is so difficult and stressful. Or maybe just because my video recording were just really bad. Hahaha! but yeah… it kinda sucks. or maybe nagmamadali lang utak ko ngayon. Parang ayoko na tuloy. hahaha!

anyway, this is still just a test. i used my lenovo phone to record so it’s pretty obvious the quality of my vlog will be really bad. i reserved my camera’s memory for actual work and more important stuff like documentation. still, i think it’s a good start. saka na ako mag-aaral ng matindi ng video editing. i already have lightworks installed pero ang hirap nga niya gamitin. movie maker is so basic, it kinda sucks. still, nagsisimula palang naman tayo. 🙂


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