mr. wrong

they say when you marry, the husband is never Mr. Right. from that point on, he will be Mr. Wrong.

because your wife will always be right and everything you do is wrong. šŸ˜›


men, don’t fight it. don’t argue about it. they’re always right and you’ll never be. and it’s your responsibility to keep your woman happy… even if it means swallowing every bitter part. come on, you’re used to that beer since college. another bitter juice won’t be as bad.

and that’s how we show love.

one thing i learned from bo sanchez was that your actions become your feelings… not the other way around. or at least what you do influences how you feel. so if you’re mad at your wife, cook her breakfast anyway. if she wouldn’t talk to you, say a bad joke and laugh alone. just do it anyway. because eventually, that awful feeling goes away.

forgot your anniversary? well, that’s a different story… prepare to die!!! šŸ˜›

you’d think for someone who’s got a big brain and comes from a decent university, i’d have some space to put all those dates in my head and remember them. unfortunately i can’t. am i genetically predisposed? or just a lame husband? šŸ˜›

so… with that long preamble…

to A:
even if you’re not happy with me, i will try to be. even if you’re mad at me, i will try not to be. even if you don’t forgive me, i will try to understand.

even if it’s been 10 years and the date hasn’t changed, i will still try to forget it. šŸ˜› or should i try to remember? i don’t know. i get confused.

it’s our anniversary of being together. and i’m sorry i disappoint you a lot. i’m sorry you picked Mr. Wrong. i’m sorry i hurt you when i didn’t greet you. i’m sorry when i don’t get you anything. i’m sorry when i forget. i won’t make excuses. i’m sorry.

and i hope that you’ll still love me like i love you.

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