“becoming” a prepper

and i thought i was just becoming a flashaholic. apparently, it’s worse. i’m becoming a prepper!

but i think i’m not really transforming into one. i’m just realizing that i have always been one. and i’m just acknowledging it. prepping has just become second nature to me since i grew up experiencing the earthquake of 1990, eruption of Mt. Pinatubo, rotational brownouts, lahar, and the annual flood that last for months. and i learned how to adapt. and we survived.

what are the signs of my prepper ‘heritage’?

1. there’s canned food always at home. ok, maybe this is a pinoy thing. but whenever i see the pantry getting low on canned sardines, i almost begin to panic.

from here.

2. instant noodles. oh the staple food of the masses. low on nutrition, high in sodium and calories.

promo pic? LOL
promo pic? LOL

3. flashlights. this might have been just a ‘re-awakening’. my dad always kept a flashlight under his pillow at night. i may have just gotten a little more sophisticated by choosing compact multi-mode flashlights instead of the D-size battery flashlights.

4. ’emergency lights’. but i think every household in the 90s had one. but these were the tube fluorescent lights. now we have LEDs which is more compact and longer-lasting. i bought 1 rechargeable light, 1 rechargeable flashlight, and 1 i got from the christmas party exchange gift. i actually think i need more. XD


5. backup battery. well, my dad used to hookup the old Tamaraw electric fan to the car battery as the backup when brownouts were common in the 90s. but now, i bought a generic powerbank and a USB-powered electric fan from CD-R King for the little one. but i’m still planning on purchasing the full-sized rechargeable one. 🙂

6. radio (via cellphone). we had transistor radios before that could run on 2 AA batteries just in case the power went out during storms so we could have some entertainment but mostly to listen to the news. now, i’m thinking of getting a ‘stand alone’ unit just because we might need our cellphones for emergency calls or i might loose it.

7. water. back in my hometown when i was a kid, our water came from electric deep well pumps. so when there’s no grid power, you better have potable water stored somewhere. we used to have the ‘tapayan’ and then was replaced by the plastic Orocan. now, my dad keeps several in plastic containers. meanwhile, i haven’t started storing that much water yet. i just make sure the pails in the CR are full. i’m a bit constrained by space. i might be relying on Manila Water too much right now but i think it’s best to be prepared so this is what i’ll probably be working on soon.

8. documents. my dad has all important documents in one bag under my bed. i used to leaf through them a couple of times when i feel like it. i even saw my grandfather’s report card. yes. my grandfather who i never met in person has his report card at home. with my great grandfather’s signature! how cool is that?! 🙂 meanwhile, we keep ours in a plastic document case which keeps them waterproof. but right now, the cabinet where they are stored isn’t that accessible so i think i might need to move their location. a secure but accessible one.

are you one of us? what preparations have you made for any natural hazard? are you prepped?