my lenovo a516 sucks.

i don’t want a missed opportunity again to blog so i’m rewording what i posted on instagram. i’m finally admitting it: my phone sucks.

i was hopeful when i got the lenovo a516 from my retention plan. it was nice, big, and sleek. i knew it had its limitations but when older hardware performs better than newer one, you know it’s badly made. The Galaxy Pocket has android Gingerbread 2.x but the Lenovo A516 has Jelly Bean. yeah, yeah, it has a newer version of Android but clearly, it does not suit the hardware. so bakit mo ipagpipilitan diba?

Oh well, the shortcomings are becoming headaches. Or am i just becoming impatient? hay…

so there. i really can’t blame anyone but myself for accepting this unit for my postpaid plan. pero Lenovo… naman… ayusin niyo. “for those who do” pa naman ang tagline niyo. eh from what i’m experiencing, i can’t do anything kapag naka-connect na ako sa wifi or use mobile data. and even if i overcome the RAM bottleneck, crash lang ng crash yung apps. sorry but your phone disappoints big time.

sorry na lang din if i distrust any gadget that has your name on it from now on.