baby item review: bebeta sterilizer

i know it’s usually mommies who posts reviews of their baby’s stuff online, not dads. but i’m using blogging as therapy for my sleepless nights. what else should i blog about but my daddy experiences with baby stuff! 😛

one does not need a dedicated sterilizer to clean baby’s bottles. that is my opinion. BUT if time isn’t on your side, and waiting for that pot of water to boil and steam your bottles in the kaserola, you might want to get one.

being young newlyweds, our kitchen arsenal is very small and limited. we only cook for ourselves which doesn’t require big pots. hence, sterilizing using small pots requires having to do it by batches — a time-consuming task. we decided to spare ourselves from frequent washing and boiling of feeding bottles and get a sterilizer.

we dropped by Market! Market! after our son’s check-up and bought this really cheap one from Bebeta. the saleslady said that it was a subsidiary of Fisher Price but i had my doubts. the price is a bargain at Php 1,360 compared to the Avent, Chicco, and Fisher Price sterilizers. though it had other functions (e.g. egg cooker, food warmer, juicer), i was already happy that i could warm our baby’s bottles for feeding and not have to wait too long. the time we save is translated to larger electricity cost because this consumes so much electricity as it has a heating plate. but that’s the price you pay for convenience.

in standard use, it can be used for 8 feeding bottles, even large ones. but if you don’t organize the bottles in the tray, you can fit more. it’s really simple to operate: just set the timer to the task you want indicated by the icons on the dial (not numbers!) which is, i think, a great idea! and it’s so easy to swap jobs or tasks — pop out the sterilizer, put on the other tray and lid and it’s now a bottle warmer!

it’s been in use for a week now and so far so good. i just don’t know how reliable it will be but from other forums i’ve read, i think we just made a great purchase. it comes with a 1 year warranty so i still have 50 weeks to test it. 🙂

did you use a sterilizer or just the traditional boiling method? let me know in the comments!


2 na mga thought (isipan) sa “baby item review: bebeta sterilizer”

    1. nice! good to hear na reliable naman siya. na-try niyo na yung egg cooker? gusto ko i-try eh. kaso baka tumaas BP ko lalo kung magustuhan ko’t panay ako magluluto ng itlog para sa egg salad!

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