i just bought a Panda

hindi punda. hindi mali ang pagkaka-type ko. panda talaga. oo, yung itim at puti na panda.

pero hindi hayop ang binili ko. i just bought my first G-Shock by Casio!


ain’t it pretty? ๐Ÿ˜€

actually, i was not a fan of G-Shocks. i always thought they were gaudy and bulky — something that doesn’t suit my ‘refined’ (a.k.a. social climber! LOL!) conservative taste in watches. or maybe i was just really raised to be old-fashioned. ๐Ÿ˜›

actually, i was really just researching about how time-keeping developed through the decades and if there was a description how observatories synchronized and distributed the time signals to those who required precise timing. which led me to the Philippine Watch Club forum and their discussion of “atomic watches” or those that sync-ed with atomic clocks via radio signals. they said that G-Shocks with Multiband 6 synchronize with atomic clocks around the world. i was like, “WOAH! COOL!!!”

as with all things guy-related, it’s the technology that goes with the watch that made me buy it. after a couple of Google searches, i found one listed on Lazada.com.ph, a couple on OLX.ph, and finally, one on ebay.PH. The ebay.PH listing had a link to its Facebook page and that’s how i found the great bargain price from Ellestyle. perhaps i’ll write one review on them as a ‘recommendation’ and vote of confidence.

and that’s how i got it. paid for it, had it the next day and i just synced it today. yes, the sync function works! well, you just have to find the spot where you can get a good signal and then synchronize. but it works in the Philippines! so it’s really really worth it. i bought it for that feature alone and i’m really really happy. ๐Ÿ™‚

tested signal strength on the way to work. L3 achieved!
it syncs in Manila!

P.S. A was very forgiving and let me enjoy this purchase. ILYVM A! mwah!



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