wanted: sleep. again.

remember that last, quite sentimental post i made? scrap that. reality is sinking in. i want my sleep back! πŸ˜›

of course, i’m not giving up my son for adoption anytime soon. kailangan lang talaga yata mag-adjust… when i asked my officemate how long before she could sleep through the entire night before being woken up by a crying baby, ang sagot sa akin ay, “ummm… mga 3 years?”

i was like WHAT THE HELL!? 3 years before i get my 8-hour sleep again!? ahuhuhu…

and now i’m feeling all the pain of lacking sleep like never before. yes, thank you aging. maraming salamat at ramdam ko ang antok di lang sa hapon kundi maghapon na.

and when you arrive home, tapos na dapat ang trabaho diba? well, not exactly. just like when i got married, i sometimes cook, do the laundry, iron clothes. sometimes. but now since someone else is in-charge, there’s no rest for the wicked dead-tired parent.

time to clean the bottles. boil more water. throw the dirty diapers. sterilize. burp the baby. soothe the baby. make the baby comfy. CR break… (long pause) and then carry the baby because he just woke up. etc.

you get the picture.

but man is it all worth it.

when our janitor would clean the office, we’d have some short conversation and one time he mentioned about his son. at kung paanong ‘nakaka-wala ng pagod’ kapag nakikita mo ang anak mo. i nodded and smiled but found that hard to believe then.

now, i understand.


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