Orale! BGC review

when the hunger pangs of a pregnant woman strike, you can’t do anything but obey them.

but it was fortunate i had a craving for mexican food as well. 😀

A had been having these cravings for mexican food in november. she’s been asking around in her office if they knew of any resto nearby. we’ve eaten at mexicali and agave and zapata’s already and i guess we wanted to know how another one would compare.

one officemate, she said, recommended Orale! in BGC. and since we lived nearby, it was perfect for us even if it was late afternoon when we went.

it had a rough finish of patchwork of cement on the walls, dark wooden tables and chairs and the menu was written on chalkboards in carved frames. the shelves make a countertop where the kitchen serves your order. on one end of the shelf is the cashier’s counter by the door. above the kitchen ‘window’ is one big mural showing everything mexican. other items on display include beer bottles, a soccer ball, and decorated skulls. (!!!) made me wonder if they were real but i didn’t bother asking… because i didn’t know if i would be fascinated or troubled by it. hahaha!

now, on to the food. and because this was way back in november, i can’t tell you exactly what we ordered except that it was a burrito and a quesadilla. both were served with nachos and salsa and nice pickled jalapeno slices. 🙂 what i recall about the food is that they were pricey (for us. perhaps average to some) but the serving size was commensurate to price. the burrito was really filling, we only ate half of it and took the other half home. what we didn’t enjoy as much was the quesadilla. the taste was fine actually but the texture of the cheese they used wasn’t as smooth as what we’ve had in other mexican restos. we did finish the quesadilla at the restaurant because it went well with the salsa they served it with. the jalapeno gave it a nice kick but A didn’t want any. 🙂

overall, it was a pretty good experience. warm food quickly with loads of options in the menu. don’t be scared. the staff were really helpful in guiding us what to do with the food there and what choices were popular and recommended. if you stroll near the area, you should drop by Orale!

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