the holy father is here!!!

holiday man, pero dahil madaming gawain at utang sa trabaho, pumasok pa din ako sa opisina ngayon. di naman required pero medyo kailangan lang gumawa ng mga bagay-bagay para naman makahinga kami next week.

pero di din talaga nakatutok sa trabaho. una, sinumpong na naman ang PC ko. mga 1 oras ko din siya binutingting bago napa-andar. tapos eh nag-window-shopping sa national. ayun, nakabili ng libro ng di oras. haha. pero isa lang naman dahilan bakit holiday ngayon: dumating si Pope Francis.

di ako fan ni Pope Francis. what i mean by that is i’m not as enthusiastic as others na pupunta siya dito. i’m the “ah, ok. that’s cool.” person. i’m not the “OMG OMG OMG! he’s really coming here to visit us!!!” type. sabi ko pa nga sa status ko sa FB eh mas excited ako ma-meet si Msgr. Guido Marini.

but while i was monitoring the news on youtube while working, noong sinabi nilang “ayan na yung eroplano!” i was like a blood hound that just picked up a scent. bigla lang ako na-excite. and nung nakita ko na yung eroplano na lalapag palang, i was like “okay, calm down. calm dow… AAAAAAAHHHHH!!! He’s here!!!”

may kakaiba lang talaga. i won’t call it “The Francis Effect” as if charisma was solely Pope Francis’. St. John Paul II had a similar effect too. Perhaps it is with the office of the Pontiff that this ‘effect’ resides. maybe it’s the Holy Spirit!


i’m one of those that do not like his style but i won’t take it against him or say that it’s leaps backwards to what Pope Benedict XVI has established (yes, many traddies are like that). but they are 2 different people. apples vs. oranges. i may not agree with his style but it is effective in ‘livening’ the faithful. guided by the Holy Spirit, you know He is still in control. it’s God’s promise after all. πŸ™‚

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