my wish for my parish

it’s been 3 years since i’ve moved to manila since A and I got hitched. there’s a chapel just around the corner from the house where i heard mass only once (since it’s in tagalog). it’s a “cozy” chapel but it seems to lack something… walang dating. walang BOOM factor. i (at least) feel it lacks umpf! or lacks creativity to make you wonder and reflect and direct your thoughts to God…

but i’m not active in church so i really don’t know who to approach with this proposal. i posted it on the parish facebook page but had nobody seemed to take interest in the idea. *sigh*

so i might as well post and describe it here.

san isidro chapel retablo

the images to the right and left of the crucifix will be moved closer to the center to create a focal area. the retablo would not be too raised from the wall as there is limited space on the small ‘sanctuary’ for the priest and altar server to move. the altar retablo could easily be made with wood cornices and minimal carvings so the budget would be very small for this project.

if this would push through, i would then propose that the altar itself be upgraded to a more liturgically-tuned one. The current altar is just a slab that resembles a kitchen countertop or even a wet market stall counter. i searched online for one that would fit the retablo and found this:

sacrificial-altar-gothic-valgardena-ortisei-evangeliststhis will be a little more expensive, perhaps, but if carvings of images are removed and crosses are substituted, then perhaps it would be simple and dignified.

if only money was no object, i could certainly have the confidence to propose this to our parish priest or the parish pastoral council.

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