ASC2014 in the Philippines

attended a General Assembly last week. well, i wasn’t really invited. my boss was. but it was all good coz i learned a lot. (this entry is starting out like a gradeschool essay! wth!? maybe i need some warming-up time again.)

i became a ‘Makati Boy’ for 3 days. and it wasn’t a very pleasant experience. and i immediately became thankful that i work in a less-crowded part of the manila where traffic is bearable and more manageable than in the CBD of Makati. the same amount of time it took me to travel from Taguig to QC via a jeep and 2 trains was the same amount of time for me to travel from Taguig to Makati CBD which is just a fifth of the distance! that included traffic and waiting time. so much time wasted. so much time.

not to mention the pollution. waiting in line for the bus at Market! Market! to Ayala Avenue was a revelation. just like when i climbed up the roof deck of the office to see pollution over Manila. if i were a little bit earlier, i think the separation would be more obvious.


i mean who would want to breathe that in? *cough, cough*

but i made it through the 3 days of lectures. learned quite a lot, actually. and i seem to have grown intellectually and understand work better and see a lot of things that we could do. i think that workshop in Italy opened up a great deal and this one was a great reminder for me to do work more seriously and consider doing things not being done by anyone else.

let’s do this! 😀


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