chivalry is bigotry

i think we do live in a time when values seemingly no longer matter.

this post is captioned with “Is chivalry dead? We really hope there was not a single male passenger inside that jeepney,” to which i would definitely agree with. but apparently, the more popular public consensus is that chivalry is not demanded of men and equality encourages us to let women do these things because #girlpower.

soon, i think, chivalry will become a bad thing. where belief in a man’s obligation to protect and defend women is considered bigotry — because it highlights a woman’s weakness, fragility.


i believe in an ‘equality’ where there are roles men need to do that women can’t as much as roles women need to do that men can’t. the ‘equality’ lies in the complementarity between the two. the ability of one fulfills the inability of the other. to say that all humans are equal requires you to demand all be uniform in skill, capability, and talent. but we are not all the same.

The Art of Manliness has become a great resource for me. not because i’m a chauvinist or hyper-male. it’s because i believe in chivalry still. i see its great lack in today’s world. and i see the need for men — manly men.