let’s see how this lazada thing works

i’m not into online shopping. no, really. i really prefer to actually touch, feel, test, and sometimes smell whatever product i want to buy. the only times that i’ve transacted online is with people who i meet at an enthusiasts’ forum which more or less i’ve had an interaction with or have a reputation as individuals inside the forum.

but never with an ‘online mall’ of sorts. except for today.

there are mixed ‘reviews’ online about lazada.com.ph. some purchases needing replacement that were never re-delivered, delays in delivery, and sometimes items become out-of-stock and they tell you to just use the amount to purchase other items.


nevertheless, an officemate’s first-hand experience is encouraging to me. so today i tried it out because i saw a great deal from their adverts on facebook.

after going through the ordering system, the status says it’s “being processed at our warehouse and will be ready for shipment within today.” on the Order Tracking button. does that mean i’m going to receive it today? (it was an impulse buy. teehee.) do they deliver on weekends? it would be better if i receive it today because the long weekend starts tomorrow! and i won’t be in the office to receive the item!

it’s a bit of a worry.

so i’m hoping really REALLY hard that they’re that efficient. same-day delivery. even if their website says it’s a 1-5-day delivery within Metro Manila. too bad i can’t schedule it.

oopsie! spoke too soon. 😀 just got an email confirming my order and said it’ll be delivered within 3 working days. (atat lang? hahaha!)

anyway, i’m keeping my fingers crossed on this one.


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