new phone!

it’s a old brand-new lenovo a516. it’s “old brand-new” since it’s actually an old model (2013) but it’s new. 🙂 pilosopo.

this is my 3rd phone from Smart and so far, i’m a bit underwhelmed. but i really can’t complain… i belong to the low-tier plans subscribers. tough luck. still, from the mini-sized LCD touchscreen phones i had, this is definitely an upgrade for me. from the 2″-3″ screens, it’s now 4.5″! whoopee!

this isn’t a tech blog so i’ll stick to the things that i like and don’t like. 🙂

the volume rocker is curved but discreet. the minus and plus signs are nice and thin. this theme seems to follow at the top and bottom edges off the phone — ideal places for the power button and USB ports. the speaker at the bottom right has a little nub that raises the speaker holes so it’s not flush with a flat surface and let your notification/alert tones be heard. my only dislikes in the design are the 2 round objects: the camera and the microphone. but more dislike for the camera. quality is decent for a 5MP fixed-focus camera but that large circle jutting out at the back is a bit much for me. 😦

on the tech side, the 512 Mb RAM is easily its Achilles’ Heel for me. it creates a significant amount of lag even when waking it up. i put my old SD card from my old samsung galaxy pocket and it helped speed up the phone a little. 2Gb usable internal memory is a bit on the really low side even for me who didn’t even fill-up his galaxy pocket’s 4Gb internal memory! the lenovo launcher was a bit too “big” for me. (kinda seemed loud. not discreet or streamlined enough) so i installed Nova Launcher. feels a bit laggy but it’s more pleasurable to flip around icons i can stand. 🙂

oh, and transferring my contacts was a breeze via bluetooth. wasn’t sure if it’s because of Android-to-Android transfer or just was really easy on the lenovo. 🙂 plus, there’s a screen-protector already on it! yey!

my postpaid plan is now renewed for another 2 years. so far, i’m happy with Smart and the coverage i get (though i’m still not happy with the lack of 3G in my hometown in Pampanga and the signal inside our house in makati) and billing doesn’t give me much of a headache (unlike the horror stories of Php 3M phone bill i’ve read). so, Smart, please continue your good service and don’t let me down. also, a little upgrade or treat would be nice next time. 🙂


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