Bohol Day 2: Bohol Bee Farm

The problem with posting late is you forget what happened. So I missed the part when we had lunch. Or if we had lunch! Haha! but i think it was back on Panglao Island. i’m sure we went back because the last leg of our Bohol trip was the island road trip! 🙂

Bohol Bee Farm is one of the default destinations. we saw how they grew their vegetables and gardens to keep the bees producing honey as well as the livelihood crafts they provided. paintings or banigs, anyone? 🙂

and of course, we had to meet the star of the farm: Jollibee! the bees! i think it’s been a common thing now for tour guides to convince you to pose for a picture wearing/doing something you think is dangerous. they tell you “pang-Facebook!” 😛 but i wasn’t afraid or anything. i was pretty confident as long as i didn’t drop the hive, no bee would sting me. my worry was if i do get stung, they’d never find the spot where because i was as red as a lobster from the snorkeling earlier! LOOK!!!

before we head for home, we must not forget to grab some pasalubong, of course, as well as samples of things we won’t usually find in Manila. they have their mini-sari-sari store where a whole range of bee and non-bee products are available for you to take home. A was simply overwhelmed with everything and worried we’d break the bank. but i hit her on the head hard enough with some bread on one shelf and she was fine.

she did want her sugar fix, though. good thing another unique treat on the farm was ice cream. not just any ice cream — you had your usual buko and chocolate but also durian, ginger, and tomato! but being ordinary tourists, we had the default malunggay. 🙂 and there was some bitter aftertaste but just a tiny wee bit after eating. you’d easily miss it.

we took home some coriander loaves that were very herb-y but went really well with some butter. i even bought pasalubong for my bestfriend but never got around to bring it to her because of our schedules so i ended up eating it just before it expired. (excuses! :P) but i did promise to make it up to her when we come back. i’d buy her a bigger jar of honey spread!

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