Baguio street food and the Botanical Gardens


if you read A’s post about our first day in Baguio, then you’ll know we lost about 4 hours of gala time in the morning. and because the temperature was a blistering (hehehe) 14 degrees Celsius, it would have been a nice walk around the city. but we needed sleep badly and so we had to nap on the afternoon.

after a nice hot shower, we were off to the Botanical Gardens. Being the neophyte in this Baguio adventure, I let A do all the tour-guiding (whut?). the ladies beside the artsy sign of the botanical garden apparently charge P10.00 per picture taken with them. what’s amusing is that they already know what i call the “japan-japan” pose.


at the entrance gate, someone was selling corn. at P30.00 each, it was presyong turista so A and i shared one. it must’ve had some drug since after finishing it, i wanted to eat corn again that night. and even now in manila, i have this hankering for corn! after having our fill, the tour of the botanical gardens turned into a garbage bin hunt to throw the corn cob. inevitably, we went to the food shops in the gardens that had garbage bins… but they also had ihaw-ihaw on display!

IMG_1801-1200 IMG_1800-1200 IMG_1799-1200

A said that they had the tastiest longganisa in that karinderya the last time she went there. of course, i just had to sample it and indeed, it was! even better than the one from Cafe by the Ruins, IMO. maybe my plebeian taste buds never upgraded to finer food. 😀 it had more fat than the Vigan longganisa i’ve had but less sweet and fatty than the ones from Pampanga. the bright red hue might be from food color or the spices in it. i will never know but this must be on my top 10 longganisa list. if i had one.

IMG_1811-1200 IMG_1807-1200 IMG_1806-1200 IMG_1808-1200 IMG_1803-1200

the baguio botanical gardens are actually divided into areas showcasing other countries with certain monuments and familiar landmarks that identify them. we didn’t get to see them all but most are from neighboring Asian countries like Korea, China, and Japan. one garden that caught our attention was from Korea that carried a name that could easily be mispronounced if not read carefully by Filipinos. 😉


exploring botanical gardens, we saw a lot of bare soil. i attributed it to the cold dry weather again. it was nice to go around but i didn’t see what i expected: lush greens, vibrant blooms, and perhaps some spots on a hill for a quiet picnic. though some gardens were maintained and manicured, no thick grassy areas for me to go barefoot made me a little sad. maybe it wasn’t the perfect time to go see gardens. was there too much foot traffic? then maybe concrete pathways with some fences would be the answer.

IMG_1829-1200 IMG_1830-1200 IMG_1831-1200

as we exited this park since it was getting dark and the sun was low in the horizon, we finally saw this row of flowers in bloom, really green and healthy. maybe they were saving this for last to redeem the gardens. this is where A and i had fun taking shots. though it was a really small area inside the huge park, it brought a smile to our faces as we went out. flowers do that to everyone. they just give you joy.

just when i thought that was an acceptable finish to this part of the tour, a taho vendor was selling the warm and sweet concoction with a twist that is unfamiliar to us lowlanders: taho with strawberry preserves! again, it’s presyong turista but i’ll never know when i’ll come back to baguio so i had to have it. was it mind-blowing? i’m not sure if it was the sugar or the the hunger but that taho was awesome. right mix of fruity, sweet, and smooth. it makes my mouth water imagining it while i write! sadly, the price (P20.oo per cup; the serving size is equivalent or maybe even less than the regular P10.00 taho we have) was not awesome. i could say it’s worth it because it was such a pleasure eating it but part of me says it should be around P15.00. if you do try it or if you have tried it, tell me if it’s worth it. 🙂

IMG_1834-1200 IMG_1838-1200


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