the fastest Burnham Park tour. ever.

mention Baguio to anyone and Burnham Park is the first thing they will tell you to go see. it’s actually something that you WILL see because it’s like New York’s Central Park — most things you would want to do are a few steps away or a jeepney/cab ride away from it. and the cool comfy weather makes walking a viable alternative.

from Cafe by the Ruins, we walked towards the park para magpa-baba ng kinain. and maybe shed some of the calories from the yummy scones. at the top of the park, Baguio City Hall lords over everything. to me, the city hall is just a small building but sitting on top of a hill, you can sense that it is really a place where power resides.


IMG_1768-1200as you go down the incline, the land spreads out into a wide open space called the Rose garden. further down the path is the Burnham Lake where you can catch a floating swan or row a boat in to relax. but we didn’t.

notice how i’m struggling to describe Burnham Park? because A and i never stayed for long in the area. and it somehow breaks my heart that i could not appreciate it fully; how Mr. Burnham must’ve intended it to be. the streets were busy with jeepneys. the buildings and businesses around it seemed cluttered. sidewalks were crumbling and plants were struggling with the dry cool weather. noise and clouds of dust dominated the park because of construction being done in preparation, i guess for Panagbenga and general repairs.

IMG_1765-1200we never got to the other side of the lake. for reasons that will not be mentioned (except in A’s blog :P), we headed back to our hotel. in my first Baguio experience, Burnham Park is now very utilitarian, commercial. you go there because you have to go somewhere else. it’s a sad, sad idea that i wish isn’t true.

a wreath for Burnham

the construction i mentioned earlier would seem to be part of the rehabilitation of Burnham Park! in that case, i look forward to this and hope that the redevelopment would include proper zoning of the adjacent buildings and maintain the relaxed atmosphere of the park.


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