cafe by the ruins is good!

fresh from the bus, A and i went to our hotel to drop-off our things and we crossed our fingers that some of the people might have checked-out early so we could sleep better than we did in the bus. no one checked out yet, unfortunately but we were allowed to leave our big bags and begin our tour.

IMG_1733-1200we asked the front desk what were the things we could visit nearby so we didn’t have to just sit and wait in the hotel lobby. they immediately pointed us to Cafe by the Ruins.

IMG_1941-1200a big sign hung in front directs you to the cozy cafe. parking is limited so it’s better if you walk from your hotel. the Ruins is full of art pieces inside as well as little vintage stuff like a red fire hydrant! cool!


having read somewhere that it’s often full during breakfast, i didn’t expect to be seated immediately. we had to wait about 20 minutes to get our table. i think it would’ve been sooner had the waiter and i not have a misunderstanding with the waiting list. but it’s a minor hiccup.

we were seated al fresco which i thought, at first, was perfect. i only realized how bad it was when the wind started blowing the leaves onto our food! yikes! the place has character. wood, stone, trees… and the art pieces hung around. though i don’t find it that different from restaurants i’ve seen in manila. i think it’s really the weather that makes  you want to sit here all day. well, maybe not because the chairs are wood so it’ll be uncomfortable for the tooshie. and if you’re sitting outside, you’d see the huge Eurotel building. not very attractive.

IMG_1734-1200having had a good hard look at their menu, i immediately wanted to ask A to go back to the McDonald’s we passed by and just have our breakfast there. yeah, i’m a cheapskate. but she convinced me that it was just this time that we would spend some money because it was meant to be a vacation. we ordered the Ruins Breakfast and Bacon and Eggs. and from the same blog i read but forgot where, i ordered scones with kesong puti.

first came the fruit bowl which, apparently, came with the breakfast. so that was nice. they must’ve added syrup or honey on top because the sweet fruits got sweeter but balanced the more sour fruits. the scones arrived with the coffee so we sampled them first. it’s a very eggy bread which was great. and it didn’t go as well as i had hoped with the kesong puti. i thought something more tart or sweet like jam or jelly. lesson 1 learned.


the meals came in on lettuce leaves. they served it with brown rice and sunny side up eggs. the thick-cut bacon is meatier but a bit on the tough side. maybe they needed more smoking time but the saltiness was just right to go with the rice and egg. A shared her longganisa with me. (that sounds a bit R-18 but it’s not!) the serving size was huge! but it may have come with a trade-off. the meat, though cured, seemed a bit too raw on the inside. i like my longganisa a bit dry or crispy even. perhaps poking holes around the casing or even quartering it might do the trick. lesson 2 learned. that P1-coin on the table was to give you an idea how big the thing was. 🙂

IMG_1749-1200dining here was a learning experience for me. i didn’t get really great food, just food that’s got potential that i could consider to be great. it just needs a little tweaking on my end so i could get it to work for me. so while this first visit left a good impression, i’m expecting better results from my next one. 😀

IMG_1756-1200and, no, i’m not flipping this image over. i look fat here. pag nakabaligtad, di gaanong halata. haha!


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