baguio just in the nick of time

i’ve never been to baguio.

does it come as a shock to you? well, my officemates thought so. my wife thought so. but i didn’t have the urge to go anywhere near baguio. well, not until early this year.

i just saw a friend on facebook post his pictures of baguio. then the weather was already cool in the metro. this made me wonder how much colder would it be there in the highlands of baguio… i was curious and that’s what got me looking at sites and blogs and things about baguio. and i wanted to go there. now.

i’m the type of traveler who just wants to ‘wing it’. i think we Pinoys call it “biglaang lakad”. i really think they are more fun than planned trips to somewhere with an itinerary. during my college years when i still used to party (tugs, tugs, tugs!), we just said, “hey, let’s have coffee in tagaytay!” and so we did. left at 2AM, had coffee, was back in manila by 4AM. and when i started working, i met other people who’d always do the same! ahhh, good times.


but baguio is different. you can’t just go and expect to find a place to stay that’s nice and comfy just like that. you prepare. and so my ever-reliable partner in crime booked us rooms at the Hotel Cosmopolitan whilst i booked the bus. 2AM was the best they could offer since it was just 3 days before the weekend we were traveling.

i barely got sleep on the bus, as expected, but at the 2nd ‘wiwi-break’ bus stop in Pangasinan at 6AM, the weather was freakishly cold! and when we reached the terminal, baguio was so cool (and dry) even at 8 in the morning! it was actually quite pleasant to feel the sun on your face!

fast forward to last night, i heard news of how disappointed people were who went up to baguio for the long weekend. they complained of the not-so-cool weather and how they couldn’t be so ‘fashown’ and wear jackets and boots. with the fur! 😉 but the wifey and i did. except the boots.

being the evil person that i was, i had my Schadenfreude moment when i heard that report.  😀

that trip, not as spontaneous as my other ‘biglaang lakad’ is now, in hindsight, one of the most fulfilling trips i’ve had. because we didn’t really plan as well as we did. because we seized the moment in a regular weekend and not wait for a longer weekend. and we decided to stay longer, which made our trip a little more expensive but worth the comfort and the time spent there. and we got the cool weather we wanted just in the nick of time. 🙂



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