science and God

i think i’ve (ignorantly) written on the topic before. but i am now a little bit older, gained more insight, and has a firmer belief in God than i had before. my problem is i probably can’t articulate it. it’s just that deep in my mind and in the minutest particle of my being, i know there exists God.

Woody Allen (?) said that Mozart’s Symphony No. 41 proved that God exists. but that’s music. how about science?

somehow, everyone wants to rely on the existence of something or someone. but are all questions valid scientifically? can science answer, “what is beauty?” “what is truth?” “what is justice?”

so, to, with God, IMO. “science” (or the actual term for this seems to be ‘scientism’ as i heard) and science-relying “freethinkers” say that everything is relative. there are no absolutes. beauty is relative. so is truth. so is justice. is it then right to say cannibalism is OK for others? slavery? child labor? pedophilia? bestiality?

is their proposition that “there are no absolutes” absolutely true? it can equally be untrue, right?

while others are comforted by their knowledge, freethought, and “science” in the context mentioned above, i simply cannot accept it.

sometimes before sleeping, i ponder whether there is indeed an afterlife. i may believe that there is a creator but when i sleep, i am unconscious. i seem to no longer exist. is this what happens when we die? simply lose consciousness? there’s actually NOTHING after we die? my belief in a God that exists betrays me at these questions. i am left to resort to one thing: faith.

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